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Star brite Extend-A-Brush heads are made with Star prene, a lightweight polymer fiber that does not stain, discolor or become brittle. It resists most cleaning chemicals and withstands heat up to 200F. This space-age material will not rot, mildew or absorb odors. Star brite poles are constructed with aircraft grade, triple anodized aluminum for years of maintenance-free use.


  • Soft bristles Will not scratch plastic windows.
  • Star prene fibers with flagged ends to hold water and cleaning solutions for easier washing.

Star brite Extend-A-Brush頭由Star prene製成,是一種輕質聚合物纖維,不會弄髒,變色或變脆。 能抵抗大多數清潔化學品,並承受高達200°F的熱量。 這種空間材料不會腐爛,霉變或吸收氣味。 星級極地桿採用飛機級三重陽極氧化鋁,多年免維護使用。


Star brite Soft Wash Brush/ 軟洗刷

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