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  • Deluxe Kids’ Raid Dry life jackets keep children safe and comfortable!

    Your infant’s safety is your number one concern; let us help ease that burden with our Deluxe Kids’ Rapid Dry Life Jacket. This life jacket comes equipped with sculpted PVC foam in the shoulders and waist for a buoyant, custom-like fit. Full front zipper closure and quick-release buckles with adjustable straps keep your child comfortable and secure. Vests include a crotch strap to prevent them from riding up and also feature a grab strap at the back for when you need to take charge.

    Comfort features include a stretchable, Flex-Back panel, pliable PVC foam flotation and large armholes for an unrestricted range of motion while kids play. These life jackets also dry fast, with “Rapid Dry” technology so kids never get bogged down by a heavy, waterlogged vest. Keep your kids safe, happy, and comfortable with Deluxe Rapid Dry life jackets!

    Key Features

  • Flex-Back panel for outstanding maneuverability
  • Rapid Dry technology for extended wear
  • Sculpted foam in shoulders and waist offer custom-like fit
  • Large armholes for unlimited range of motion
  • Zipper and two quick-release buckles for a secure fit
  • Leg strap and grab strap for added safety
  • Pop-up pillow for head support


Deluxe Kids'Raid Dry救生衣讓孩子們安全舒適!


舒適功能包括可伸縮的Flex-Back面板,柔韌的PVC泡沫浮选和大型袖孔,可在孩子們玩耍時不受限制地運動。這些救生衣也快速乾燥,採用“快速乾燥”技術,因此孩子們不會被沉重的淹水背心拖累。讓您的孩子安全,快樂,舒適地使用Deluxe Rapid Dry救生衣!



- Flex-Back面板具有出色的機動性
- Rapid Dry技術可延長磨損時間
- 肩部和腰部採用雕刻泡沫設計,帶來定制款式
- 大袖孔,可實現無限的運動範圍
- 拉鍊和兩個快速釋放搭扣,確保安全貼合
- 腿帶和抓帶,增加安全性
- 用於頭部支撐的彈出式枕頭

WEST MARINE Deluxe Kids’ Rapid Dry Life Jacket, Infant Under 30lb., Red/ 兒童救生衣

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