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- 顏色藍色
- 浮力15磅
- USCG III型:浮選助手
- 鎖扣類型
- 材質尼龍牛津
- PE發泡


West Marine構造了這款救生衣,以提供款式和舒適性,而無需花費您的一條胳膊和一條腿。 這款背心採用耐用但輕質的泡沫製成,可帶來浮力和舒適感。 它可以貼合身體,不會妨礙活動範圍。 大袖孔可提供無限的運動範圍,因此您在水上探險中不會受到任何限制。

四個可調節的皮帶將您的背心固定在適當的位置,以便在滑雪,划船或釣魚時安全。 尼龍水上滑雪救生背心可迅速流掉多餘的水分,使您的衣物更乾更輕,在空中飛行時不會讓您陷入困境!




TypeInherently Buoyant Foam
Buoyancy15 Pounds
Best UseInshore
USCG TypeType III: Flotation Aids
Closure TypeBuckles
With HarnessWithout Harness
MaterialNylon Oxford
PE Foam


Designed to keep you comfortably stylish during all your water activities!

West Marine constructed this life jacket to provide style and comfort without costing you an arm and a leg. This vest is made with durable, yet lightweight foam for buoyancy and a snug fit. It contours to your body without hindering your range of motion. Large armholes provide an unlimited range of motion so you won’t be restricted during your water adventures.

Four adjustable straps keep your vest in place so you are secure while skiing, boating or fishing. Quickly sheds excess water keeping you drier and lighter, the Nylon Water Ski Life Vest won’t bog you down while airborne!


  • Lightweight, durable foam for a secure, conforming fit
  • Large armholes for unlimited range of motion
  • Adjustable belts keep the vest in place

WEST MARINE–Men's Nylon Water Ski Life Jackets S/M Size/ 男士尼龍滑水救生衣 大至加大碼

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