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An economical kit that’s a great choice for short trips on inland waters. It’s packed entirely in waterproof bags, making it weatherproof and easy to find anything you’ll need for a medical emergency. Contains enough supplies for small-to-medium boats carrying 1-6 people. Includes a wide assortment of adhesive bandages, common over-the-counter medications and other wound-care essentials for cuts, burns and sprains. Kit includes the medical reference: Marine Medicine, a Comprehensive Guide, Vol. 2 by Dr. Eric A. Weiss, MD and Dr. Michael Jacobs, MD. Kit meets or exceeds all Coast Guard recommendations for non-commercial watercraft and meets ISAF Offshore Special Regulation 4.08 for monohulls and multihulls.

Intended Use: 2-day trips for 1-6 people
Number of Pieces: 73
Case Size/Material: 7 1/2" x 5" x 4 1/4", 420 denier nylon and 600 denier tarpaulin with durable water-resistant coating
Organization Method: Waterproof storage bags organized by injury


經濟的套件,是內陸水域短途旅行的理想選擇。 它用防水袋包裝,使其防風雨,容易找到您需要的醫療緊急情況。 含有1-6人的小型到中型船的足夠用品。 包括各種各樣的膠粘繃帶,常用的非處方藥和切割,燒傷和扭傷的其他傷口護理必需品。 套件包括醫學參考:海洋醫學綜合指南,Vol。 2由Dr. Eric A. Weiss博士,醫學博士Michael Jacobs博士。 套件滿足或超過所有海岸警衛隊對非商業船舶的建議,並符合ISAF海上特殊規則4.08的單體船和多船體。

錶殼尺寸/材質:7 1/2“x 5”x 4 1/4“,420旦尼龍和600旦尼爾防水油布,耐用防水塗層

West Marine 2.0 Medical Kit/ West Marine 2.0醫療套件

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