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Aqualung 3 mm Bali Active Tropical Overalls
High quality jumpsuit made of 3 mm neoprene.
The Bali of Aqualung is ideal for diving and snorkel trips in warm water. It protects against chilling, excessive sun exposure and abrasions. It is very soft and flexible. Comfortable Ultraflex collar with Lycra and Velcro closure. Very convenient. Woven back zipper for reduced water circulation. Arm and leg cuffs made of Glide Skin Glatthaut neoprene.

Aqualung 3毫米巴厘島潛水衣
Aqualung潛水衣是在溫水中潛水和浮潛旅行的理想選擇。 它防止寒冷,過度的陽光照射和擦傷。 它非常柔軟靈活。 舒適的Ultraflex衣領與萊卡和魔術貼關閉。 很舒服 編織後拉鍊減少水循環。 由Glide Skin Glatthaut氯丁橡膠製成的手臂和腿袖口。

BALI Wet Suit Blue 3MM MEN-M / 巴厘島3mm潛水衣 中號

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