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The ashtrays have been designed specially for outdoors. The interior is stainless steel and covered by a leatherette fabric. They are heavy, to make them stable, and non-slip to stop them sliding around on the table or other surfaces with the risk of cigarette ends on the floor or boat deck. The windproof lid in stainless steel also stops ash from flying out and dirtying the boat. 


煙灰缸內部是不銹鋼,外部是人造革織物。 它們很有重量,能穩定;並防滑,以防止它們在桌子或其他表面上四處滑動。 不銹鋼防風蓋可以防止灰塵飛出並弄髒船隻,能預防在地板或船甲板上有捲煙的風險。

Marine Business Ashtray Heavy Blue Navy/ 藍色不銹鋼煙灰缸

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