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LUMO 200  Smart Lantern includes connectivity & sensing technology with a modern design.

Customers can adjust the color to virtually unlimited combinations with their smart phone. They can detect temperature, humidity & weather forecasts on their phone.

Product Highlights
- Bluetooth connectivity from IOS and Android devices with free App.
- Dimmable brightness up to 200 lumens - 16 million color settings
- Real time weather information
- USB out for charging devices
- Power: 30 nights (Low) and 8 nights (High)
- USB out for charging devices
- Water-resistant (IPX4)
- 4 x D cell batteries (alkaline or rechargeable not


LUMO 200智能燈具包括具有現代設計的連接和感測技術。

客戶可以通過智能手機將顏色調整到幾乎無限的組合。 他們可以在手機上檢測溫度,濕度和天氣預報。


- 具有免費應用程序的IOS和Android設備的藍牙連接。
- 可調光亮度高達200流明 - 1600萬色設置
- 實時天氣信息
- USB輸出用於充電設備
- 電源:30晚(低)和8晚(高)
- USB輸出用於充電設備
- 防水(IPX4)
- 4 x D電池(鹼性或不可充電


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