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This acrylic drinks tray is the perfect nautical item for your aperitifs on deck. The tray has holes in which to place the glasses to stop them falling off (fits all Marine Business glasses) . It also has tiny non-slip rubber stoppers on its base to make it stable. Lastly, this product also has a space-saving feature as it can be collapsed to take up the minimum space. The perfect boating gift! Match it up with the unbreakable glasses and snacks set in the different nautical collections by Marine Business.


Dimensions: 32.8 cm x 20 cm x 9 cm
Matierial: Acrylic

Disclaimer: This product has been designed for use in normal, not extreme, conditions. Not suitable for drinks with a high alcoholic content or very hot drinks. Not suitable for microwaves. Suitable for dishwashers, but in the upper tray only. To extend the life of the product, avoid using abrasive cleaners.

這款飲料托盤是您在甲板上享用開胃酒的完美航海產品。 托盤上有孔,可以放置杯子以防止它們滑動(適合所有MARINE BUSINESS的杯子)。 它底座上還有微小的防滑橡膠塞,使其穩定。 最後,該產品還具有節省空間的功能,因為它可以折疊以佔用最小的空間。 完美的划船禮物! 搭配MARINE BUSINESS提供的不同航海系列中的牢不可破的杯子和小吃。






免責聲明:本產品設計用於正常而非極端的條件。 不適合含酒精量高的飲品或熱飲。 不適合微波爐。 適用於洗碗機,但僅適用於上部托盤。 為延長產品的使用壽命,請避免使用磨蝕性清潔劑。

MARINE BUSINESS Party Tray for Glasses (Set of 2)/ 杯子托盤(2件套)

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