SPIRIT OF WATERSPORT: 1018Wh battery,detachable & foldable design, 3HP propulsion.

The Most Lasting Ever: The 1KW Lithium-ion battery of SPIRIT 1.0 at its full speed, one battery works for up to 1 hour; but for leisure cruise, it usually lasts 3 to 5 hours. Thanks to its detachable design, you can bring alternate batteries on board to extend your sailing time.

Advanced Design
Better Performance: SPIRIT 1.0 features gearbox free design and optimized motor structure. The high quality brushless DC motor with a max efficiency of 90% helps SPIRIT 1.0 achieve an overall efficiency of more than 50%. And without gearbox, this electric outboard motor will greatly lower - even eliminate noise and save maintenance troubles that often bother the owners of gas outboards.

Its self-contained design makes it easy to replace a backup SPIRIT Battery on board with 2 simple steps if the original one is running out of power.

Real-time Display: This smart screen keeps you informed of all essential information you need to know during the journey. Real-time voltage, power and remaining battery is indicated as primary parameters.

Easy to Connect: Place the battery on battery base, and then plug power cable into the power socket on battery.

Foldable Tiller: This 3HP foldable electric outboard motor weighs only 21.5lbs. It’s designed to be portable so you can lift the motor by one hand and carry the battery by the other with ease.

Easy to Steer: The stepless throttle handle with forward, reverse and stop capabilities brings you a wonderful steering experience.

No Worry for Safety: With connections and components satisfying IP67, Spirit 1.0 can operate even if immersed in water. When detached, the battery won’t have any output to protect the electric outboard motor even if the connectors are all wet.

- 1018Wh電池,可拆卸和可折疊設計,3HP推進。

- 一節電池能長達1小時;但休閒遊船通常持續3到5個小時。由於其可拆卸的設計,您可以在船上攜帶備用電池來延長航行時間。
- SPIRIT 1.0具有無齒輪箱設計和優化的電機結構。最高效率為90%的高品質無刷直流電機有助於SPIRIT 1.0的整體效率達到50%以上。而沒有齒輪箱,這種電動舷外馬達將大大降低 - 甚至能消除噪音,並節省維護麻煩,這往往打擾了氣體舷外的所有者。
- 因它的獨立設計,只需要簡單的步驟得輕鬆更換備用SPIRIT電池。

- 智能屏幕讓您了解旅途中需要了解的所有基本信息。實時電壓,電源和剩餘電池均為主要參數。

- 將電池放在電池底座上,然後將電源線插入電池的電源插座。

- 可折疊耕耘機,該3HP可折疊電動舷外馬達重量僅為21.5磅。它的設計是便攜式的,因此您可以用一隻手抬起電機,輕鬆攜帶電池。

- 無級調節手柄具有前進,後退和停止功能,為您帶來精彩的轉向體驗。

- 連接和組件滿足IP67,Spirit 1.0即使浸入水中也能運行。拆卸時,即使連接器全部潮濕,電池也不會有任何輸出來保護電動舷外馬達,十分安全。

Spirit 1.0



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