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West Marine’s Runabout life jacket is an affordable yet high-quality option for recreational boaters.

Whether day sailing, fishing or cruising, West Marine's Runabout Life Jackets are an economical option for all your water life needs. This life jacket is constructed with durable, lightweight polyethylene foam for excellent buoyancy and a secure fit that won’t hinder your child’s movement. A rugged, 210 denier nylon shell dries quickly so your child won’t be stuck in a sopping wet vest all day. Adjust the bright straps for a more personalized fit and to help keep your child’s life jacket in place. The back headrest turns your child face up in the water to prevent drowning. Finally a non-restrictive, deep neckline and large armholes allow for more range of motion while the leg strap securely keeps the jacket from riding up in their face.

Key Features

  • Bright straps for increased visibility
  • Lightweight, durable foam for a secure fit
  • Large armholes for unlimited range of motion
  • Adjustable belts to keep vest in place
  • Headrest turns child face up in the water
  • Leg strap offers a secure fit while keeping life jacket out of your child’s face


West Marine的Runabout救生衣是一種經濟實惠但高品質的休閒划船選擇。無論是日間航行,釣魚還是巡航,West Marine的Runabout Life Jackets都是滿足您所有水上生活需求的經濟選擇。這款救生衣採用耐用,輕質的聚乙烯泡沫塑料製成,具有出色的浮力和牢固的貼合性,不會妨礙孩子的活動。堅固耐用的210旦尼龍外殼快速乾燥,因此您的孩子不會整天被困在濕透的背心裡。調整明亮的肩帶,使其更加個性化,並幫助您將孩子的救生衣保持在適當的位置。後頭枕將您的孩子麵朝上放在水中以防止溺水。最後,非限制性的深領口和大袖孔允許更大範圍的運動,而腿帶可以牢固地防止夾克在他們的臉上騎行。



- 明亮的肩帶提高了能見度
- 輕盈耐用的泡沫,確保牢固貼合
- 大袖孔,可實現無限的運動範圍
- 可調節腰帶,以保持背心
- 頭枕讓孩子麵朝上在水中
- 腿帶提供安全貼合,同時將救生衣從孩子的臉上取下

WEST MARINE Runabout Life Jacket, Infant, 0 to 50lbs/ 嬰兒救生衣

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