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- S/M 碼

- 類型固有浮力泡沫
- 顏色紫色
- 浮力15磅
- USCG III型:浮選助手
- 鎖扣類型
- 有線束而沒有線束
- 材質尼龍牛津
- PE發泡





TypeInherently Buoyant Foam
Buoyancy15 Pounds
Best UseInshore
USCG TypeType III: Flotation Aids
Closure TypeBuckles
With HarnessWithout Harness
MaterialNylon Oxford
PE Foam


Product Overview

The Women's Nylon Water Ski Life Vest is designed for the water sports enthusiast looking for style, comfort and safety.
• Lightweight, durable foam contours to your body and doesn't hinder your mobility
• Adjustable belts and chest strap to keep vest from riding up or shifting
• Great for skiing, boating, fishing or relaxing on the water

WEST MARINE–Women's Nylon Water Ski Life Jackets S-M Size/ 女士尼龍滑水救生衣 中小號

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