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 ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus

The Spirit 1.0 Plus easily matches a 3-hp petrol outboard can, and provides more than sufficient propulsion for a 10 ft tender, or can work as an auxiliary power for a daysailer of up to 1.5 tonnes.

No Fuel Leak
Leakage is quite common with a petrol outboard - not with the Spirit 1.0 Plus


You won’t breathe in any engine exhaust fumes


Less Carbon Emissions
Reduce your carbon emissions and protect the

The Spirit 1.0 Plus pushes the limit of range with its high energy efficiency, propeller design, and battery capacity. It includes one large 1276 Wh battery, the largest for a motor of this size.


Normally without an external fuel tank, a portable outboard in the range of 2.5 HP to 5 HP, has a run time of less than 45 min. Spirit 1.0 Plus pushes the running time limit of a 3 HP outboard and has an overwhelming superiority with 50% more runtime.


Performance Table

                                   Speed* (kmph / knot)          Range*(km / nm)             Running Time(hh:mm)    

Slow Speed                           4.3 / 2.3                             87.4 / 46.8                         20:20

Economical Speed               6.8/3.7                                 34 / 18.5                             5:00

Full Speed                              9.4/5.1                               11.8 /   6.4                             1:15                                                                                                 

3rd-Party Battery Compatible

The 48V operating voltage allows Spirit 1.0 Plus to work with an external battery to extend the range. With the ePropulsion original E-Series LiFePO4 batteries, you will be free from range anxiety.

E40 / 2048 Wh +  Spirit 1.0 Plus = Full Speed Running time 2 Hrs

E80 / 4096 Wh + Spirit 1.0 Plus = Full Speed Running time 4 Hrs

E175 / 8960 Wh + Spirit 1.0 Plus = Full Speed Running time 9 Hrs

Effortless Battery Replacement

We highly recommend that you travel with a spare battery. It’s quick and fast to replace in the middle of your trip.


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Spirit 1.0 Extra Short.jpeg
Spirit 1.0 Extra Short.jpeg
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